Getting a Tattoo – line work

This is something I have wanted to do my entire life. But I have never really had the courage to do, considering that my dad really dislikes body art.

But I finally gathered up the courage, with a bit of help from my cute submissive Inanimatelotus and my amazing dominant Fuzzy Fabricator who were both at my side the entire time I was under the needle.

As much as it hurt I am very happy that I did it. When I first moved to the United States I was still self harming and in a deep depression. I promised myself that I would do this if I could go six months without self harming, and finished my first ebook.

The initial sketch that my lovely pet made for me.

The original tattoo design is actually based off an alternate version of my pony character Scarlet Radiance‘s cutie mark. I wanted to get something that incorporated the winged shield design but at the same time encompassing my writing. So instead of a moon I went with a book and a quill.

At the last moment I decided that I wanted to add the names of my lovely husband (and Dominant) and our girlfriend (my sub) to the tattoo rather than simple scribbled lines that were on my initial design above.

I absolutely adore how the line art and shading came out. It’s beautiful and exactly what I wanted it to be.

The finished line art and shading.

The coloring will be done next week Monday. I will be posting an update then with the finished result.